Staircase Spindles & Finials
P1 35.25"L x 3.75"W
P2 35.25"L x 3.75"W
P3 35.25"L x 3.75 top
2.5 bottom
P4 35.25"L x 3.75 top
3.25 bottom
P5 36"L x 4"W
P6 35.25 "L x 3.75"W
P7 35.25 "L x 3.75"W
P8 48.5 "L x 4"W
P9 42"L x 1 top
2.25 bottom
P10 42"L x 2"W
P11 45.5"L x 2" top
4" bottom
P13 2.5"W
P22 37"L x 2.75" top
P15 29"L x 3.5" top
P16 29"L x 3.5" top
P17 29"L x 3.5" top
P18 29"L x 3.5" top
P19 40.25"L x 5.25"W
P20 40"L x 5.25"W
P21 41"L x 4"W
P23 2" top and bottom
P24 3 5/8" top and bottom 26"L
P25 5.5"W x 34.5" L
Can be custom made to length.
P26 42"L x 3.5" top x 1.25" bottom
P27 35.25"L x 3.75"W
F1 9.75"L
F2 6.75 "L
C65 8"L x 4.5"W
F3 4 "L
F4 4 "L
F5 5.75 "L
F6 5.5 "L
F7 6.75 "L
F10 6.75 "L
F8 7.5 "L
C175 19.75"L x 12" base
F9 7.5"L
© 2005 Michael Shea Woodcarving
Staircase, newel posts, balusters, staircase spindles are also products that we make. We can custom carve newel post, staircase spindles and balusters to your design and size specifications, please call us for price quotations.



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