Michael Shea's interests in wood became apparent at the age of five. It all started when his grandfather gave him some wood and some old nails. His grandfather proceeded to show him how to straighten the old nails, and before you knew it, Michael had made a wooden box.

At the age of 12 Michael's parents started, a soon to become, large antique importing business. Due to this Michael went on a lot of buying trips and had seen a lot of antique shops. He also had the opportunity to see some very fine homes and buildings. Michael spent a lot of time repairing and refinishing a large number of fine quality antiques. He estimates that he worked on close to 10,000 antiques.

Also, at this time Michael started to build and reproduce furniture to match antique furniture. In the process of fixing and repairing antiques he grew a better understanding of old world craftsmanship and design.

Michael started Michael Shea Woodcarving in 1990, at the age of 25. He had two goals in mind for his business. First, was to continue to make and design the very best furniture. Second, was to make available above average quality wood carvings for other furniture and cabinet builders.

Michael worked long days to get his business off the ground. He still works long days, not because he has too, but because he wants too. As he likes to put it, "I would rather sculpt or carve than to go golfing." He also says that he's constantly learning something new every day.

Over the years by being in the antique, furniture and wood carving business, Michael's client list has grown to include the rich and famous. His clients range from movie stars, bank presidents, supreme court judge, to the little guy down the street who wants carvings for his kitchen or bar.

In addition to woodcarving, he has learned the techniques to make bronze and steel dies for wood embossing. He uses his carving and sculpting abilities to create new and exciting designs for his customers.

Michael is looking forward to woodcarving and coming up with new ideas for his product line. He also plans on spending more time creating bronze or marble sculptures.

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